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Monday, September 6, 2010

What's Your Favorite Movie?

I love reading those top 100 movies of all time lists that come out every so often. The only problem is, those polls are always compiled by critics. Their idea of what makes a great movie and what I, and the people I know, call a great movie is usually worlds apart. I've always wanted to see what the normal, movie-going public would select as their favorite movies of all time if given the chance. Well, the Watcher500 is giving you that chance.
Either leave a comment here or on the Scott Cahan Facebook page telling me what your favorite movie is. If you have more than one, list them all. I'll give everyone a week or two to get their votes in and then post the results right here at Watcher500.
For this poll, I'm not necessarily looking for family movies. We're just looking for favorites, no matter how clean or not clean they are. Any movie you want to list is fine here from any decade.
So, here's your chance. Let the critics know what movies the people really love.

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