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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kirk Cameron on CNN

Kirk Cameron was on CNN yesterday and he was asked to state his beliefs on homosexuality. His reply was very humble and right on the mark. He stood up for biblical values and did not try to whitewash his answer in order to keep from offending anyone. Now GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defimation) has started a campaign against Cameron in an effort to get him to apologize to the Gay community. I don't think he'll give in because Kirk is on the side of the truth and he knows it. Below is a link to the interview.
GLAAD made a statement saying that Kirk is out of "step with the growing majority of Americans with an increasing number of states recognizing marriage equality." I find it very sad that this group and many Americans now look to public opinion polls and politics for their standard of right and wrong. It is a standard that will change with time going up an down according the whims and fancies of our fickle society. Kirk's opinion is based on the one true standard that doesn't change with the times. It's a standard that was written by the God of the universe. I agree with this standard as do true Christians all over the world. 
Why does GLAAD get so offended when Cameron simply states what he believes and teaches to his kids? He is completely on the defensive in this interview, very humble and not at all trying to push his beliefs on the interviewer or anyone else. GLAAD acts as if Kirk Cameron blatantly attacked Gays & Lesbians everywhere. On the contrary. It is GLAAD that is now attacking Kirk Cameron and anyone else with guts to speak a belief contrary to their own. I feel for Kirk and his family because I know the attack from GLAAD and the liberal media and Hollywood will be brutal. I doubt he'll ever read this blog but if I could say anything to Kirk I'd say "Hold firm Kirk. You are in the right. In the end all will be revealed and everyone on all sides will know that God's word is right and just, and it is the only standard of right and wrong."

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